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  • Is everything made in Portugal?

Every single item available for purchase on this website was made in Portugal.


  • How do I measure the bed?

Measure the width and the length if you are buying a bedspread be sure to measure the drop that you want to cover, if buying fitted sheets and mattress protectors ensure that you measure the mattress depth.


  • How can I be sure I get the correct size?

If unsure after measuring contact us you sizes we will double check it all for you.


  • Are your products machine washable?

Yes you can fit all our products into an ordinary washing machine.


  • Are your products pre-shrunk?

Yes our products are pre shrunk but cotton goods can always shrink slightly on the first wash. To ensure long lasting usage we oversize our products to allow for shrinkage


  • Do you supply extra large bedspreads?

Yes we stock sizes from 1.80cm wide up to 3.00m wide, length is ways 2.60 long or 2.70 m long because of loom sizes.


  • Do you supply sizes that you do not have online ?

Yes we can supply most sizes to order with minimum amounts of ten per size.


  • How long does it take to be delivered?

We allow a maximum time of a month to deliver if it is going to be longer we will advise you on ordering.


  • If I do not like it can I exchange?

Our return policy allows for a 14-day window to return goods. To qualify for a refund, items must be returned in their original packaging, unused with the original receipt. Please note that postage fees are the responsibility of the client.


  • How long do the sheets last for?

Our sheets last for a min. Of 12 years even with laundry washing.


  • Do you stock same products on a yearly basis?

Many of our designs have been in stock for over 20 years, we buy from same suppliers.


  • I have an awkward size bed can you order bedding for me?

Yes please email us direct on information@bedspreadsportugal.com for more information.


  • Are the bedspreads Matelasse?

Yes they are export quality of 400gms Egyptian Cotton Matelasse.


  • Do you supply goose down pillows and duvets?

Yes we buy direct from the best factory in Portugal supplying these. No toxins guaranteed.


  • How long have you been selling these products?

We began in 1991 selling just Bedspreads , since then we have rapidly expanded to sell everything needed in home textiles

  • Why can't I order and ship to the UK? 

Unfortunately due to Brexit, we are not able to ship to the UK at this time. We can however, ship anywhere else in the world.