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500TC sateen

We are thrilled to introduce our newest offering, the ultra-luxurious 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets with a sateen finish. These sheets, crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton, set a new standard in luxury bedding.

With a high thread count of 500, these sheets offer an incredibly soft and silky touch, contributing to an opulent sleep experience. The long, luxurious fibers of Egyptian cotton are woven into an ultra-tight weave, resulting in sheets that provide not only supreme comfort but also remarkable durability.

The sateen finish adds an extra layer of sophistication, giving the sheets a lustrous sheen that enhances their elegance and ultra soft to the touch. These sheets are not just a bedding item - they are a statement piece that speaks volumes about your taste for luxury.

Like all our products, these sheets are made with meticulous attention to detail. They are available in a range of sizes to fit any bed and are machine washable for easy care.

Experience the height of luxury with our 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets.