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Bath Mat

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100% cotton


Thick cotton

100% Portuguese

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700 gms thick white 100% Egyptian cotton toweling bath mat, that softness is enhanced with each washing. Quicker drying, super absorbent and highly durable. Thick cotton ideal for rentals, perfect size for bath or shower.

Size50 x 70

Colour: white online

Beds are made in standard sizes, such as singles, twin, double, queen, king and super king sizes. However, each country seems to have it's own 'standard', so to ensure you have the right size, it's important to know what size bed you have. To measure your bed, you will want to measure the mattress for edge to edge. 

Our bedspreads all have the following standard sizes to allow to meet the floor: 

° Single: 1.80cm x 2.60cm

° Double: 2.40cm x 2.60cm

° King: 2.60cm x 2.70cm

° Superking: 2.80cm x 2.70cm

° Extra Superking: 3.00cm x 2.70cm

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