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Luxurious Percale winter duvet

Special Features

Sleep safe and sound

Sold with a certificate safe from harmful substances

Anti bacteria

Anti-Microbial treatment

Ideal for:

Cold winter nights

100% Portuguese

We guarantee that this product was made in Portugal and made with exceptional quality

In stock

Our collection of luxurious duvets is designed to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience.

Made with 100% cotton Percal, these duvets are not only soft and comfortable, but also treated with Aloe Vera to ensure a stress-free sleep.

The duvets are filled with 550 gms of high-quality Fibre balls, which are 100% polyester, providing the perfect balance of warmth and comfort. For those who prefer a lighter option, we also offer summer weight duvets that weigh only 100gms. These duvets are incredibly light and provide excellent air circulation while you sleep, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Additionally, our duvets are designed to maintain elevated thermal temperatures, keeping you warm and cozy during the colder months. One of the key features of our duvets is their non-allergic properties.

They are specially designed to be hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. Furthermore, our duvets are machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring that they stay clean and fresh for years to come. Our duvets are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

We offer single size duvets measuring:

  • Single: 1.60 x 2.20,
  • Kingsize: 2.40 x 2.30
  • Superking size duvets (equivalent to king size in the USA and Canada): 2.60 x 2.40
  • Emperor (which are suitable for beds sized 2m wide and over): 2.80 x 2.40

When it comes to tog ratings, our winter weight duvets have a tog rating of 10, providing the perfect level of warmth for those colder nights. These duvets are also treated with an Anti-Microbial treatment, ensuring that they are safe from harmful substances. On the other hand, our summer weight duvets have a tog rating of 3.00, making them ideal for warmer weather.

Like our winter weight duvets, they are also treated with an Anti-Microbial treatment for added peace of mind. Rest assured that our duvets are certificated safe from harmful substances, giving you the confidence that you are investing in a high-quality and safe product.

Experience the luxury and comfort of our duvets and enjoy a restful night's sleep like never before.

If you already have a duvet for your bed, please measure the width to ensure that our covers fit properly. Widths: 
  • Single UK / Ireland / German / Scandanavian / Dutch: 1.40m wide 
  • Single PT / Continental Europe: 1.60m wide 
  • Double worldwide: 2.20m wide
  • Kingsize UK / Ireland: 2.40m wide 
  • Queensize Canada / USA / Australia / South Africa: 2.40m wide  
  • Kingize Canada / USA / Australia / South Africa: 2.60m wide 
  • Superking UK / Ireland: 2.60m wide 
  • Emperor worldwide: 2.80m wide 
Luxurious indeed. Very soft, light yet warm.
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