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Luxurious Grey Pool towel

Special Features

Ideal for

Swimming pools, spas, rentals


100% cotton


Treated with a special treatment to stop discolouration from chlorine, sun etc

100% Portuguese

We guarantee that this product was made in Portugal and made with exceptional quality

In stock

How refreshing is it to wrap yourself in a soft, absorbent, and fluffy towel after a swim? These towels are perfect for the poolside, beach, or bathroom. Use them as a vacation accessory or treat yourself to spa-quality comfort at home.

Made from pure cotton terry towelling, these towels are 100% cotton and feature excellent breathability. They are hypoallergenic, gentle to the touch, and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Treated to resist discoloration from chlorine and sunlight, these towels are designed to last. The 420gsm color-treated cotton ensures they will not fade in the sun.

With an extra-large size of 1.80m x 1.00m, these towels are perfect for covering the entire sunbed. Highly recommended for spas and rentals, these towels provide both luxury and durability.

Please note that colors may vary with availability.

Available in grey, size 1.00m x 1.80m.

  • Use a mild, liquid detergent to avoid damage to the fabric.
  • Separate your sheets by color to prevent color bleeding.
  • Do not use bleach as it can break down the fibers and cause damage to the sheets.
  • These sheets can be wash up to 60 degrees as they have all been over-sized to allow for skrinkage. 
  • Tumble dry your sheets on a low setting to prevent damage from high heat.
  • If you prefer to line dry your bedding, avoid direct sunlight as it can cause colors to fade. Or put directly in the sun to get your whites white. 
  • Make sure your sheets are completely dry before storing to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
If you already have a duvet for your bed, please measure the width to ensure that our covers fit properly. Widths: 
  • Single UK / Ireland / German / Scandanavian / Dutch: 1.40m wide 
  • Single PT / Continental Europe: 1.60m wide 
  • Double worldwide: 2.20m wide
  • Kingsize UK / Ireland: 2.40m wide 
  • Queensize Canada / USA / Australia / South Africa: 2.40m wide  
  • Kingize Canada / USA / Australia / South Africa: 2.60m wide 
  • Superking UK / Ireland: 2.60m wide 
  • Emperor worldwide: 2.80m wide 

Beds are made in standard sizes, such as singles, twin, double, queen, king and super king sizes. However, each country seems to have it's own 'standard', so to ensure you have the right size, it's important to know what size bed you have. To measure your bed, you will want to measure the mattress for edge to edge. 

Our bedspreads all have the following standard sizes to allow to meet the floor: 

° Single: 1.80cm x 2.60cm

° Double: 2.40cm x 2.60cm

° King: 2.60cm x 2.70cm

° Superking: 2.80cm x 2.70cm

° Extra Superking: 3.00cm x 2.70cm

These towels are fantastic! They are incredibly soft and absorbent, perfect for wrapping up after a swim. The size is great for covering the entire sunbed, and they haven't faded at all despite constant sun exposure. Highly recommend!
I've been using these towels at the poolside and they are excellent. They are super absorbent and dry quickly. The grey color is stylish, and the quality is top-notch. Definitely worth the purchase!
I bought these towels for my spa, and my clients love them. They are soft, luxurious, and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, they stay fresh and vibrant despite frequent washing. A great investment for any business!
These towels are a game-changer! They are so comfortable and plush, and the size is perfect for lounging by the pool. The anti-discoloration treatment really works, and they still look brand new after several uses. Highly recommended!
I use these towels at home and for vacations, and they never disappoint. They are super soft and absorbent, and I love that they are hypoallergenic. The grey color is beautiful and hasn't faded at all. Perfect for anyone looking for high-quality towels.
These towels are amazing! They are large enough to cover the whole sunbed and are very comfortable. The fact that they are treated to resist chlorine and sun damage is a huge plus. I would definitely buy these again.
I purchased these towels for my rental property, and they have been a hit with guests. They are soft, absorbent, and durable. The grey color is elegant, and they have held up well to frequent use and washing. Highly recommend for anyone in the rental business!
I am extremely happy with these towels. They are incredibly plush and provide great coverage. They have maintained their color and softness even after multiple washes. Perfect for the poolside or beach. Five stars!
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