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300TC Sateen fitted sheets

Special Features

Sungly Fit

Elastic on four corners

Long Lasting

300 thread count


Available in 35cm and 40cm to fit deep mattresses

100% Portuguese

We guarantee that this product was made in Portugal and made with exceptional quality

In stock

Made from 100% Cotton and featuring a sumptuous Sateen finish, these sheets are produced in Portugal's premier factories, boasting a thread count of 300. Each sheet is fitted with elastic at all four corners, ensuring a snug fit on any bed. With depths of 35cms and 40cms, our sheets can accommodate even the deepest mattresses. We offer 15 different sizes to fit any bed, no matter where in the world it may be - if there's a bed, we have the perfect sheets to fit it! Treat yourself to a luxurious sleep experience with the silky softness of our sheets next to your skin. These sheets are not only comfortable but also easy to care for. They are oversized to accommodate shrinkage, allowing you to wash them at high temperatures without worry.

WE ARE CURRENTLY TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK OF THE 1.00 x 2.00cm. Please see our 200TC and 500TC options as an alternative if you need that size.

  • Use a mild, liquid detergent to avoid damage to the fabric.
  • Separate your sheets by color to prevent color bleeding.
  • Do not use bleach as it can break down the fibers and cause damage to the sheets.
  • These sheets can be wash up to 60 degrees as they have all been over-sized to allow for skrinkage. 
  • Tumble dry your sheets on a low setting to prevent damage from high heat.
  • If you prefer to line dry your bedding, avoid direct sunlight as it can cause colors to fade. Or put directly in the sun to get your whites white. 
  • Make sure your sheets are completely dry before storing to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
Simplesmente espetacular. A qualidade é fantástica, lava super bem, e fica macio.
Finally! Sheets that skrink to size. Thank you so much!
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